Research-and-production company "Microfir Tehnologii Industriale" Ltd. was formed in 2002. Our main fields are development, research and production of microwires and its application in different areas.

As cast microwire with glass envelope combine many properties, which can’t be abstained in other materials. Over 40 year microwire’s technology is used and improved. Our company engages in microwire’s properties study and new areas for application.

Main types of works that our company fulfills:

  1. Industrial production of microwire for:
    • systems for identification and protection of merchandise against imitation;
    • sensors of magnetic field based on GMI effect;
    •  sensors of deformations, movement;
    • gas analyzers;
    • radio-absorbtion materials
  2. Development and manufacture the equipment for production microwire – installation for casting microwire.
  3. Development of technological equipment for monitoring microwire’s quality and rewinding.